embossing-art-3-coverNew Book – Embossing Art 3.

The long awaited third book in the Embossing Art series is now available from Amazon and comprises the usual 10 parchment craft patterns along with their tiny template companions. cham-head

The book is an even blend of typical and more usual subjects including wolves, chameleon, koi, birds, and a dragon. And while many of the patterns are for the more advanced parchment crafter, the ‘Bell on the Bells’ and the ‘Hoopoe’ patterns are ideal for beginners.

It has certainly been a joy, and at times a labour of love, putting the new book together and I really hope you enjoy working through the new patterns.

New Book – Quick and Easy Christmas Stockings

After the remarkable success of the individual stocking patterns, I have put a collection of my favourites together in one book. stocking-cover-frontsnowmen

Quick and Easy Christmas Stockings includes:

  • 10x Mini Stockings
  • 10x Medium Stockings
  • 10x Large Stockings

“This book contains all the templates and information you need to create 30 beautiful stockings for your home and family. Designs include traditional, modern, unusual, animal and quirky themes so you can always for a stocking to suit all tastes.”

 I’m hoping this will be the first in a long line of new craft books aimed at people who don’t have a lot of time or skill, and who just want to sit down and make something pretty! After all, we all have days like that, don’t we 🙂

Roll on Christmas 2016!!