Like most people I have many passions from animal husbandry and self-sufficiency, to jewellery making and paper crafts.

But, most of all, I love to write.


It’s all Started with a Dog.

My first cut in writing came when I needed help with my dog; she pulled on the leash like she thought she was a husky or something, blazing through the snows of the Arctic in search of polar bears. Of course she wasn’t; she was a collie accompanying me to the supermarket, but try telling her that.

Anyway, I needed help, so I started to hunt through the internet for a dog training guide.

Needless to say I couldn’t find one that offered any fresh advice. So I worked with my dog, spending day after day walking up and down the streets around my home until I found a method that worked; I could finally stop her pulling on the leash.

And after that little success I thought I might as well write a book to tell others how to do it too.

Since then my series – Stop That Dog!… has grown to become one of my best-selling titles.

The dog above, by the way, is ‘Jazz’ – the leash-yanking inspiration behind that first book.

Me. Hi!
Me. Hi!

Since then I have seen the power of self publishing. I couldn’t believe it when within three days of publishing Stop that Dog – Pulling on the Leash I actually sold a copy. It was invigorating. It was special. It made me realise there were people out there who wanted to read more than just the usual tried and tested methods. There were people who wanted a fresh opinion and I was happy to give mine.


And Now it’s About You

This website is about writing, and getting your writing out there exactly the same as I did. I want to help you reach a new audience or your first audience if you are currently writing your first book, and then retain that readership so that you too can profit from helping others.

Most importantly to me, and I hope to you, I want this site to be an absolutely honest reflection of the contemporary writing world; the ups and the down, and trust me there are some serious downs out there, because if you are passionate about words then you will overcome them and gain the same deep satisfaction that I have from seeing my titles creeping up the Kindle sales rank.