Embossing Art 1 is now also available as a download as well as through Amazon.

Embossing Art 1 Kindle Cover

What You Get.

If you choose to purchase an electronic copy of Embossing Art 1. you will receive exactly the same book from cover to cover that you would if you bought the paperback from Amazon.

You will receive the book as a .pdf file, sent directly to your email address, from there you can download it onto your computer to be accessed time and time again. It also gives you the option of printing out just the patterns you want – and not the whole thing.

(Please note, the book is full colour and you will need a colour printer).

How it works:

Once you have paid using the button below, I will receive a confirmation email from Paypal, included in this will be your email address and once your payment has cleared,  I will send the book files on to you.

Why do it this way, why not use an instant download company?

To be perfectly honest, because instant download companies are horrendously greedy! They take a large percentage of the cost of selling a book, roughly 20%, and this pushes the price every higher, so by cutting out this middle man I can offer the book at half price.

Need more convincing? See the patterns >>>


Embossing Art 1 Kindle Cover

Parchment Craft Embossing Art 1. – Electronic.Price: £5.00 inc. delivery 

When Will you Receive the Item.

I will email your book to you within 24 hours of payment – much quicker than if it was posted to you 🙂


Don’t worry, the whole transaction is covered 100% by Paypal.

If there are any problems at all, you can contact me here:

Contact Lauren

Or you can request a refund from Paypal.

Still not Convinced:

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