People love dogs for many different reasons; as a companion, a friend or as a work mate. Whatever your reason for having a dog you’ll want to make sure you give him the best possible start in life.

But things can, and do, go wrong; especially when it comes to basic training and that’s why this series is here, to help you keep your dog on the right track.

Now don’t get me wrong, no dog is perfect and never will be – but that’s half the fun of having them around. They are as individual as we are, and every dog has his own unique characteristics and quirky behaviours that make him a one of a kind companion.

Stop That Dog!…

The Stop That Dog… series is here to help you tackle those niggling issues that can arise during your dog’s life. Using positive reinforcement and by working with the dog’s own mind, it’s about gently retraining him to be the best he can be, and to nip any bad habits in the bud before they become a serious issue.

All the training tips and guidance throughout the series are completed using gentle methods that bond you and your companion closer together, so that you learn to really understand one another rather than battling for control.

Knowing every dog is different, each book gives multiple methods for fixing the same problem.

This really helps to ensure you can find a method that suits you and your dog perfectly, after all, no two people learn the same way, so why would dogs!


Books currently available in the series include:

Stop That Dog… Pulling on the Leash


A dog who pulls on the leash can be a real pain! He is difficult to exercise and can even be a danger to himself and others. Stop that Dog Pulling on the Leash teaches you how to train your dog to walk neatly beside you without pulling or straining to get in front – all without the use of nasty choke collars or punishments.

Price: £2.40

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Stop That Dog… Barking, your guide to a happy, quiet dog.


Dogs bark for many reasons and this can be a good thing if he is letting you know about a potential issue, but it can also be a nuisance if he wont shut up! Stop that Dog Barking helps you to train your dog when to bark and when to be quiet – using only gentle training and a few new commands.

Price: £2.40 

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A No-Nonsense Guide to A Perfectly Clean Puppy



A puppy is one of the finest joys a family can experience! They are bundles of energy who love you and everyone else and the world is just so much fun! A Perfectly Clean Puppy is all about getting your pup house trained as quickly as possible, keeping you and your home clean from day one.

Price: £0.99

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Training Your Dog

Dogs are gentle and sensitive creatures who are far more in tune with us than we are with them. All the Stop that Dog training books use only gentle training techniques and natural behaviours. All the training methods are reward based and never involve any sort of punishment.